One of the most valued benefits of AAA membership is Roadside Assistance, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Roadside Assistance services available to AAA Texas members are summarized below. Members must present a valid AAA membership card or dues receipt and another form of matching picture identification, such as a driver’s license, to the service driver when the service vehicle arrives. Roadside Assistance is available only to the person named on the membership card. Each AAA Texas cardholder is entitled to four (4) Roadside Assistance calls or reimbursements per membership year at no charge. There will be a service charge for each additional service call after the fourth call or reimbursement. If a cardholder has an unpaid service charge balance and contacts AAA Texas for Roadside Assistance service, AAA Texas may require immediate payment of both the unpaid balance and the service charge for the current service call before providing service. The nonpayment of a service charge may result in the cancellation of membership.

Note: When calling for Roadside Assistance, members concerned for their safety or for the safety of others should inform the AAA service representative. Procedures have been established to assist members in certain situations.

Services Provided

  • Minor mechanical first aid. When it is safe, minor repairs may be attempted at the scene to place the vehicle in a drivable condition. These repairs cannot be guaranteed, and members should immediately proceed to a repair facility to consult a mechanic. AAA Texas cannot guarantee the availability of repairs. The AAA Texas service representative or independent service provider can assist members in locating a local AAA Approved Auto Repair facility upon request.
  • Towing service. When a vehicle cannot be started or safely driven, it can be towed to the independent service provider’s facility, no matter how far away, at no charge to the member. Not all independent service providers perform repairs at their facilities. If you choose to have the vehicle towed to a location other than the independent service provider’s facility, it will be towed without charge to a destination of your choice that is up to three (3) driving miles per disablement in any direction from the point of breakdown for Classic members and up to 100 driving miles per disablement for AAA Plus members. AAA Premier members can use one (1) Roadside Assistance service call per household per membership year for a tow up to 200 driving miles per disablement, and the remaining service calls for tows of up to 100 miles per disablement. The 200-mile tow excludes RVs and motorcycles. Towing beyond these benefit limits is at the member’s expense.  AAA Plus and AAA Premier towing may be subject to delay.
  • Flat tire service. If the vehicle’s spare tire is inflated and service-able, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. When a serviceable spare tire is not available or cannot be installed, towing will be provided under the towing benefit.
  • Battery jump-start. If the vehicle’s battery is dead, the indepen-dent service provider will attempt to jump-start the vehicle. If it cannot be started, towing will be provided under the towing benefit.
  • AAA Battery Service. AAA Battery Service is a mobile battery testing and replacement service. In areas where the service is available, a AAA Battery Service technician will test and assess the vehicle’s battery and electrical system. If the existing battery fails the test and the member would like to have the battery replaced, the technician will install a new AAA Battery, if available, that meets or exceeds the vehicle’s original specifications at an exclusive AAA member discounted price. AAA Premier members will receive an additional $10 discount on the purchase of a AAA Battery over and above the existing AAA member discount. If the member purchases a AAA Battery, the service call will not count as one of the four (4) entitled service calls per membership year. All AAA Batteries come with a 72-month limited warranty with a 36-month free replacement period valid in the U.S. and Canada. AAA Battery Service is provided by independent contractors and is only available in select areas, during select hours. AAA Batteries and battery warranties are provided by Club Assist U.S. LLC. AAA Batteries are available for most makes and models. 
  • Emergency fuel delivery. If the member’s vehicle runs out of fuel, a limited supply will be delivered, if available, to enable the member to reach the nearest gas station. The member will be charged for the fuel (fuel provided at no cost for AAA Plus and AAA Premier cardholders). Diesel fuel must be requested when you call for service and may not always be available.
  • Extrication/winching service. If the member’s vehicle becomes stuck, it will be extricated or winched as long as it is adjacent to a passable, established road or thoroughfare and can be safely reached from the hard road surface.
  • Vehicle lockout/locksmith service. When the keys are locked inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment, the independent service provider will attempt to gain entry. If a vehicle locksmith is required to gain entry, the expenses are fully covered or reimbursable. If a vehicle locksmith is required for lost or broken keys, keys locked in the trunk, or other automotive emergencies, vehicle locksmith service up to $60 in parts and labor will be provided (up to $100 in parts and labor for AAA Plus or up to $150 in parts and labor for AAA Premier cardholders). If a vehicle locksmith is not available or cannot place the vehicle in an operable condition, towing will be provided under the towing benefit.

Independent Service Providers

Roadside Assistance services are generally provided by independent businesses under contract with AAA Texas (not employees or agents of AAA Texas, other AAA clubs, or the American Automobile Association). While responsibility for loss, damage, or unsatisfactory workmanship remains with the service provider, AAA Texas will attempt to assist members in resolving complaints.

Services Outside of Texas

Outside of Texas, AAA Texas members are entitled to Roadside Assistance from the local AAA or Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) club. Members will be required to pay for any service that the local AAA or CAA club does not normally provide its members. An application for reimbursement of service charges may be submitted to AAA Texas for consideration.

Eligible Vehicles
The following motor vehicles are eligible for service, provided they qualify for highway registration and are not loaded, altered, or constructed in such a way as to cause damage or create a hazard when being serviced:

  • Automobiles, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and minivans, and light-utility motor vehicles (including rented and commercial passenger vehicles, except for taxicabs, limousines, shuttles, and other vehicles for hire) are eligible for service.
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs), including motor homes, cab-over campers, and trailers (excluding commercial and horse trailers), are eligible for service except for towing, tire-change, and extrication/winching services. Towing, tire-change, and extrication/winching services for RVs are available only for AAA Plus and AAA Premier cardholders.
  • Motorcycles are only eligible for the delivery of fuel and locksmith services. (Towing service for motorcycles is available only for AAA Plus and AAA Premier cardholders.)

Service Limitations

  • Service will be limited to that which can be safely performed with servicing equipment available from the independent service provider. Service will not be provided when the disabled vehicle cannot be safely reached or serviced without damage to the vehicle or servicing equipment. 
  • Service may not be used as a substitute for regular maintenance necessary to keep a vehicle in good operating condition.
  • An individual’s AAA membership may not be used by a business or organization to provide service for its customers, employees, or vehicles.
  • Towing service will not be provided for the purpose of transporting vehicles due to a purchase, sale, auction transaction, car show exhibition, charitable donation, relocation, or any other similar situation.

Services Not Provided

  • Service to a vehicle located in an area not regularly traveled by private passenger vehicles (such as a beach, open field, creek bed, or private logging road) or in snow-filled roads or driveways.
  • Towing of vehicles purchased in an inoperable condition.
  • Cost of vehicle locksmith services beyond what is necessary to place the vehicle in a condition to be safely driven.
  • Service in situations in which appropriate identification in addition to the membership card is not provided to the service driver.
  • Towing to or from auto dismantlers or salvage yards, or from one storage location to another.
  • More than 100 driving miles of towing per disablement for AAA Plus cardholders.
  • More than 200 driving miles of towing (excluding RVs and motorcycles) on one (1) disablement per AAA Premier household per membership year and more than 100 driving miles of towing per disablement on the remaining allowable service calls for AAA Premier cardholders.
  • Towing, extrication/winching, tire-change service for RVs, and towing service for motorcycles, unless the member is a AAA Plus or AAA Premier cardholder.
  • More than 100 driving miles of towing per disablement on any RV or motorcycle tow for AAA Plus or AAA Premier cardholders.
  • Installation or removal of snow chains.
  • Shoveling snow from around the vehicle or clearing a road or driveway.
  • Charges related to impound or stolen vehicle recovery, towing, or storage.
  • AAA Plus and AAA Premier services before the member receives a new membership card denoting these additional service benefits, or prior to seven (7) days after receipt of dues payment, whichever is earlier.
  • Installation of automotive parts that are not provided by the service provider.

When it is necessary for the member to pay for membership service at commercial rates, the member must request an itemized receipt listing the member’s name, vehicle, and services rendered from the service provider. For reimbursement consideration, the member must present or send the original itemized receipt and an explanation of the circumstances to AAA Texas within sixty (60) days of the date of service. When applicable, a service charge will be deducted from a reimbursement. A reimbursement counts as a Roadside Assistance call.

Reimbursement for services, including services received outside of Texas, will only be considered for those membership services that AAA Texas provides without charge. (Exception: Vehicle locksmith service will be reimbursed up to $60 with Classic benefits, up to $100 with AAA Plus benefits, or up to $150 with AAA Premier benefits.) Reimbursement is not provided for taxi fares, telephone, rental cars, etc.

Members will be reimbursed for membership services at the prevailing commercial rates if AAA service was requested from a AAA or CAA club but the membership could not be verified. Reimbursement will be issued upon subsequent verification that the member’s valid membership was in effect at the time of service.

Partial Reimbursement
Only partial reimbursement, limited to the amount AAA Texas would have paid an independent service provider, will be made to the member when AAA Texas was not called to provide service. If towing is covered by an automobile insurance policy, the maximum refund of a tow bill will be limited to the amount AAA Texas would have paid an independent service provider. Certain terms, conditions, and exclusions apply and are subject to change without notice. A service charge will be deducted from a reimbursement when applicable.

Requesting Roadside Assistance Online
AAA Texas members can now request Roadside Assistance online. Simply go to and click on the Road Service Online link.

Want More Information? See the Member Guide at your AAA Texas office for complete details on these service benefits and procedures. AAA Texas reserves the right to change these service benefits and procedures without notice.