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What to expect when filing an auto claim

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Being prepared is key when the unexpected occurs. Knowing the proper steps to take after an accident will assist in the claims process.

  • Contact emergency services and the police department to obtain medical assistance for anyone injured.
  • Take reasonable measures to make sure your vehicle is in a safe location.
  • Write down the license plate number of all involved vehicles.
  • Exchange information with all drivers involved in the collision. Get contact information from all passengers and witnesses.
  • Take photos of the scene, including all damaged vehicles involved.
  • Sketch the accident (layout of the roadway, placement of vehicles and how it happened: side impact, front impact, etc.)
  • Discuss the accident with police only, not others involved in the accident.
  • Call 1-800-672-5246 to report your claim (a Claims Service Representative will contact you promptly to guide you through the claims process).

What to do in case of an accident1

Immediately after an accident, you may have a lot of questions or concerns that come to mind. Be sure to exchange information with the parties (including witnesses names/contact information) at the scene of the accident; it will assist our Claims Service Representatives in answering the questions or concerns you may have. Exchanging information will also allow you to meet your legal obligations while preserving your legal rights and options. Learn more about what information you should gather at the scene of the accident by clicking on Auto Accident Tips below.

Auto Accident Tips

AAA Accident Assist

Your insurance through AAA comes with a complete accident recovery program—AAA Accident Assist. With just one call, you’ll receive world-class roadside assistance, minimal hassle associated with your collision, and you’ll get back on the road fast.

If your car is insured through AAA and you get into a serious car accident, enough that you and your vehicle need a tow, just call 1-800-672-5246, toll-free, and AAA will take care of the rest. We’ll send a AAA roadside assistance provider to the scene promptly, start the claims process for you, arrange for a rental vehicle (if you have rental coverage), and tow your car to a repair shop of your choice. Some or all of these services may be covered under your policy or membership, depending on the insurance coverage you’ve selected or membership benefits you have.

Accident Assist

AAA Member Preferred Repairs (MPR)

If you need auto body repair but don't know where to turn, we offer a network of pre-qualified shops through our AAA Member Preferred Repairs that can provide you with high-quality repairs, while helping you avoid potential problems, because when your vehicle is damaged, the last thing you want is a hassle.

If you insure your vehicle through AAA, your repair process will be as simple as possible. AAA Member Preferred Repairs offers referrals to pre-qualified repair facilities, including specialists in stereo equipment and auto glass replacement. As a result, potential inconveniences are minimized, and the quality of service you receive is maximized with a lifetime warranty on workmanship.1

Naturally, you’re free to have your vehicle serviced at a repair facility of your choice. But, considering all of the advantages of AAA Member Preferred Repairs, we think you’ll agree it represents an excellent choice. Just call us at 1-800-672-5246 the next time you have an auto claim, and we’ll provide you with the names of pre-qualified facilities closest to you.

If your vehicle has been deemed a total loss

Here are some things you should know in the event your vehicle is declared a total loss:

  1. A detailed valuation report will be generated for your vehicle. The valuation will be based on the fair market value for comparable vehicles for sale in your respective market area. Your vehicle’s special options, trim, mileage, and interior/exterior conditions may be taken into consideration
  2. If your car is financed, we will need the contact information for your lien holder including the account number so that we can obtain a payoff amount
  3. Be sure to obtain the most recent maintenance receipts, as your adjuster may request these to complete the total loss evaluation
  4. AAA offers a car purchasing program that can assist you with locating a replacement vehicle following an accident

Prevent vehicle burglary and theft

AAA’s top tips to prevent vehicle burglary and theft include:

  • Always lock your vehicle with the windows closed. Never leave valuables inside the car, especially not in clear view, including small electronics, wallets, check books, personal paperwork, or any personal identification.
  • Bring electronics and personal items into your home or office whenever possible.
  • Use anti-theft or automatic tracking devices. If your vehicle wasn’t equipped with an alarm or hidden tracking device when purchased, have one installed.
  • Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even at a gas station.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area at night.
  • Never hide a spare ignition key in your vehicle, including under floor mats, sun visor, etc.
  • Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a secure garage.
  • Never leave the vehicle running at any time when you’re not in it. This includes your driveway, while picking up friends, while at a grocery store, or while at a shopping mall.

1Warranty excludes parts and materials and is non-transferable. Other restrictions apply.