Plan your way on road trips
Maps, individualized route planners, and detailed area guidebooks
TripTik Travel Planner for road trips

Whether you’re headed across town or cross country, you can get door-to-door directions and road maps. The online TripTik Travel Planner gives you turn-by-turn directions, points of interest, ferry schedules, even traffic conditions. When you’re in unfamiliar territory, it’s the way to go.


AAA Drive Trips
Reach your destination with help from AAA Drive Trips. Each
pre-planned Drive Trip for the U.S. or Canada includes a detailed narrative to ensure you stay on course. Each Drive Trip also features an overview map of your route, estimated driving time, mileage count, and photos. Drive Trips are available for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Central, Northwest, Southwest, and Canada.


AAA Exclusive Getaway
Taking to the road on a AAA exclusive Drive America Tour awakens the American spirit. From Los Angeles to Yosemite to the Grand Texas Trail we have something wonderful in store for you.


Find places to go and things to see on your next trip
AAA TourBook® information is available in 26 regional guides from your local AAA branch, as well as online. Covering the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, AAA TourBooks feature attractions, destinations, and points of interest as well as AAA-approved and diamond-rated hotels and restaurants.


AAA TourBooks® available in-branch
AAA TourBooks are available at your AAA branch. AAA TourBooks offer trip planning information for specific destinations including AAA Approved and Diamond Rated hotel and restaurant listings, AAA Editors picks for attractions, events, and nightlife, recommended itineraries, insider information, and images. TourBooks are free to AAA members (non-members pay a fee).


AAA eTourBook Guides1
AAA eTourBook guides are now available for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Apple iPad, and smart phones with e-reader applications. AAA eTourBook guides provide a wealth of information on hotels, attractions, and restaurants for various cities and states throughout the U.S.

With eTourBook guides, you can get:

  • Detailed destination information
  • AAA-approved and diamond-rated hotels and restaurants
  • AAA’s top picks for attractions and events
  • Suggested three-day trip itineraries
  • Ways to get around a city/state
  • Insider info


1AAA eTourBook guides are exclusive to AAA members.

Printable, portable maps
The AAA/CAA Map Gallery features maps of metropolitan areas, major national parks, and other popular destinations. These maps include AAA/CAA locations, AAA/CAA attractions, road mileage, highway exit numbers, airports, parks and much more. (Adobe® Acrobat Reader is required.)


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Save when you book your stay with AAA

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