Notary services

Notary services are available (Monday through Friday) for most personal transactions at any AAA branch.

Pricing, per signature:

  • Free to AAA Members in Texas
  • Non-members: $10
  • Business-related transactions: $10

Tips for your Notary Visit

Follow these guidelines for a problem-free visit to a notary public. Avoid a time-consuming second trip by bringing everything you need on your first visit!


The notary must be able to identify the signers. A valid form of identification must be provided. Acceptable forms of ID must be current, government issued, have a photo, signature and physical description. For example, a state-issued drivers license or non-drivers license/ID, military ID, passport). Please have a valid form of identification for each signer.

All Parties Present

All signers must be present. If the document to be notarized requires more than your signature, please make sure that each person is present with the required identification as well.

Know Your Document

Know what type of notarization you need — an acknowledgment, Jurat or other — prior to your arrival. This is especially important if the notarial certificate is not attached to your document! Please ask the organization or person requiring the notarization to provide you with the notarial statement or to advise the type of notarial statement needed. Because they are not attorneys, notaries cannot decide the type of notarization because type of notarization can have important legal ramifications.

Note: If you need a gold medallion signature, please contact a financial institution.

Mark Pages To Be Notarized

Before you arrive, mark the page(s) that needs to be notarized if you are bringing in a large document. Please pay special attention to any blank spaces on the page to be notarized. If there are blank spaces on the page to be notarized, please put a line through the space or write "NA" (not applicable). If there are misspellings, please make changes on the document.

Pricing And Hours

Pricing is per signature. Please see notary for pricing. Notary services are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Notaries Are Impartial

Please remember that notaries are impartial and prohibited by law from choosing certificates, preparing documents or providing advice.